Filter King - This powerful Microscopic Oil Filter Machine has Double Micro Filtration Technology and has a 120 lb Capacity. It also counts with Reversible Pump. Made in the USA
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Filter King is heavy duty built for commercial applications with American parts and labor, 1/3 HP motor and 5 Gal per minute reversible pump. The cooking oil passes through 2 unique filter systems which force and seal every drop through a microscopic filter process before returning to the fryer. We call this process the, "Double forced & sealed filtration process" which is the science behind our technology making it vastly different than many other machines in today's market.
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Key Features Of Filter King

  • - Heavy duty, 1/3 HP Haight/Leeson Motor, high heat rated motor for up to 350 degrees for hot oil filtration.
  • - Two speed Pump 5 gal per minute flow, for fast and deep oil filtration to as low as 1-20 micron using double filter system.
  • - Forced and double sealed filtration system, forcing every drop of oil to pass through microscopic filter.
  • - Filter #1: Stainless steel 300 micron screen basket.
  • - Filter #2: "Forced & double sealed Micro-filter rack" and micro pads that filters down to 1-20 microns, removing microscopic impurities that degrade the oil.
  • - Total weight of unit: 90 lbs. on 4 wheels, front swivel.
  • - Machine dimensions: 17" x 24" high x 30" long.
  • - Two speeds; Forward and Reverse pumping option.
  • - Collapsible handle for easy storage.
  • - Stainless Steel 304 food grade construction all around, inside and out for easy cleaning and long lasting.
  • - Anti-spill locking lid for transporting hot oil to dumpster.
  • - Four wheels for easy mobility and collapsing handle for tight storage.
  • - Heat insulated hose up to 500 F degrees for easy handling so it never burns you.
  • - 16 gallon tank (120 lbs.) to hold oil from big fryers.
  • - Filters and cleans an average 35lb fryer in 4 minutes & 85lb fryer in 6 minutes.
  • - Multiple Warranty Options to choose from (Lifetime Limited Warranty, 1 Year Limited Warranty).
  • - Leasing is available to qualified buyers in the USA with 2 years in business and good credit.

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Benefits Of Filter King

  • - CUT COOKING OIL COST BY 50% or MORE... By polishing and filtering the oil to a microscopic level!
  • - SAVE LABOR IN FILTERING YOUR OIL... You will be able to filter in 4 minutes per fryer & save hours in labor.
  • - SAFELY TRANSPORTS your used hot cooking oil to the grease dumpster! (No more slips & burns)