Fryer Guard - Deep Fryer Sediment Screen

The 200-micron screen gives you a deeper and finer filtration from particles like flour and seasoning whereas the 400 micron is for removing larger frying debris.


35lb 400um ($625)
35lb 200um ($675)
70lb 400um ($823)
70lb 200um ($873)

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A New Method Of Frying

“An innovative accessory for your commercial kitchen’s deep fryer that will change the way you filter your frying oil forever.

Benefits Of Using Fryer Guard
  1. Fryer Guard sits inside the fryer underneath the fryer baskets to catch and remove frying debris, preventing the oil quality from being degraded.
  2. Simply lift Fryer Guard and toss the debris in the trash after breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep your oil clean all day long.
  3. Fryer Guard makes fryer cleaning much easier at the end of the night because there is no debris left at the bottom of the fryer to clog it.


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35lb, 70lb


200µm, 400µm


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Return/Refund Policy

  1. 50% restocking fee + Return Shipping Charges : Applicable, if the box is opened but the machine is not used.

  2. Return Shipping Charges : Applicable, if the box is not opened and the machine is not used.

  3. No refund or returns : Applicable, if the box is opened & the machine is used.
Warranty Of Your Filter King Machine

Loss or Damage During Shipment

Inspect all cartons for damage before unpacking your machine. Your Filter King pump was thoroughly inspected before leaving our factory. The carrier is responsible for safe delivery. All claims for any loss or damage in transit must be made to the carrier. Filter King will assist with claims IF damage has been promptly reported to the carrier.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

A Lifetime Limited Warranty is built-in to our monthly auto filter shipping plan as long as you continue to purchase monthly filters from us with no interruption. Limited lifetime warranty covers your motor, pump and electrical switches for the life of the machine from manufacturers defects and failures and gives you all other parts like hoses, filter rack, screen basket at 30% off our MSRP list price! Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers and to give you a machine that will last you a very long time. Shipping of parts is not included. You are allowed up to 1 new motor and pump every 3 years under this plan. Shipping, labor or service are not included.

1 Year Limited Warranty

This product is warranted only against defects in workmanship or materials for 1 year from date of the filter machine is placed in service or not longer than 15 months from date of purchase. Liability under the basic 1-year limited warranty is limited to replacing or repairing parts sent to Orlando Florida. Parts must be returned to our factory with all shipping costs prepaid.

The 1-year warranty does not cover the costs of service labor or shipping to replace parts. This warranty will become null and void if you use any other filters not made by Filter King.

The use of the filter pump for pumping any liquid other than fryer oil, like water or other liquids, will contaminate the pump and piping. This will contaminate and rust the machine and void this warranty.

6 Month Limited Warranty on the Rubber Hoses

The rubber hose that is attached to the wand/gun has a pro rata warranty for 6 months. This is similar to a warranty for a battery or tire because the hot 350 degrees oil will force you to change hoses every 6-16 months depending on the amount of usage of your unit. At that point you would need to purchase a new hose and cannot be used gain. If you want to purchase a new hose, this warranty does not cover the costs shipping to replace the hose.

Important Limits for Coverage Under All Warranties

No warranty described above covers the replacement of parts that become inoperative because of wear and tear or abuse or for parts subjected to abuse/misuse, negligence, accident or if the product has been improperly repaired or altered by user or a 3rd party. No other warranty, expressed or implied, is authorized to be made by any parties on behalf of Filter King.

The manufacturer and the manufacturer’s sales agents and/or agencies accept no liability for the use or misuse of this machine. Expressly excluded from warranty are implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose. Manufacturer, agents and sales agencies disclaim all liability for accidents resulting from use or the misuse of this equipment.

MANUAL RESET SWITCH: (Located on side of machine)

Manual reset thermal protector. The thermal protector will open the motor circuit if the motor overheats. If this happens, disconnect the power cord and turn switch off. After the motor cools, push this reset button. A click indicates that it has reset and the motor can be restarted.

SAFETY CAUTION – Hot oil is hazardous – Use extreme care!

Wear protection against hot oil splatter & when operating your machine. Operator is urged to use eye safety goggles & thermo-gloves and make sure all your quick disconnects of your hoses are secured in place.


This will rust the pipes & the pump gears and you will need to replace the entire pump.

If your oil / fat is solid at room temperature/ Procedure to prevent plug of solid fat:

The oil film on the inside wall may collect at a loop in the hose and form a plug of solid fat. This will prevent the pump from priming. After filtering, disconnect the discharge hose and hang it from a hook to drain. Use a small collector pan or place hose nozzle in holder tube on Mobility Basin to avoid oil dripping on the floor. If the hose is completely clogged, then unplug the electric cord. Try to pour some water through the discharge hose. If the water will not pass through the hose it is blocked with fat. Melt the fat plug by placing the hose in a large tub or sink with hot water.

Toll Free Call for warranty information +1(833) 202-8508