Fryer Guard – Deep Fryer Sediment Screen


The 200-micron screen gives you a deeper and finer filtration from particles like flour and seasoning whereas the 400 micron is for removing larger frying debris.

35lb 400um ($750)
35lb 200um ($850)
70lb 400um ($1,100)
70lb 200um ($1,200)

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FRYER GUARD – Deep Fryer Sediment Screen
A new method of frying

An innovative accessory for your commercial kitchen’s deep fryer that will change the way you filter your frying oil forever.

Benefits of using Fryer Guard
  1. Fryer Guard sits inside the fryer underneath the fryer baskets to catch and remove frying debris, preventing the oil quality from being degraded.
  2. Simply lift Fryer Guard and toss the debris in the trash after breakfast, lunch, and dinner to keep your oil clean all day long.
  3. Fryer Guard makes fryer cleaning much easier at the end of the night because there is no debris left at the bottom of the fryer to clog it.

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35lb, 70lb


200µm, 400µm