The 200 micron screen gives you a deeper and finer filtration from particles like flour and seasoning whereas the 400 micron is for removing larger frying debris.

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MPN # (35lb) - 400 µm : FGMOD1-35
Price (35lb) - 400 µm : $395

MPN # (70lb) - 400 µm : FGMOD1-70
Price (70lb) - 400 µm : $475

MPN # (35lb) - 200 µm : FGMOD2-35
Price (35lb) - 200 µm : $495

MPN # (70lb) - 200 µm : FGMOD2-70
Price (70lb) - 200 µm : $575

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A New Method Of Frying

An innovative accessory for your commercial kitchen's deep fryer that will change the way you filter your frying oil forever.

Benefits Of Using Fryer Guard

  • 1. Fryer Guard sits inside the fryer underneath the fryer baskets to catch and remove frying debris, preventing the oil quality from being degraded.
  • 2. Simply lift Fryer Guard and toss the debris in the trash after breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep your oil clean all day long.
  • 3. Fryer Gaurd makes fryer cleaning much easier at the end of the night, because there is no debris left at the bottom of the fryer to clog it.

Comes with 1 yr full warranty and 30 day money back Guarantee!!

Fryer Guard (400 µm)
# of UnitsYour Cost (35lb Fryer)Your Cost (70lb Fryer)
1-2$395 ea$475 ea
3-6$370 ea$450 ea
7+$345 ea$425 ea

Fryer Guard (200 µm)
(This Fryer Guard model has a fine 200 micron screen mesh lining over the 5 sides of the Fryer Guard to catch the finer sediment of frying debris.)
# of UnitsYour Cost (35lb Fryer)Your Cost (70lb Fryer)
1-2$495 ea$575 ea
3-6$470 ea$550 ea
7+$445 ea$525 ea

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